Six Trends Impacting Midsize Companies in the Next Decade

Innovations and disruptions are expected to accelerate in the coming decade. Adopting the right technology will mean the difference between surviving and thriving for midsize companies.

Re-think Business Models to Meet Customer Expectations

Previous levels of customer service are no longer good enough. New business, operational, and organizational models are required to meet continually growing consumer expectations.

Businesses must make investments in technology and related skillsets. And they should look to technology to provide not only quick wins in productivity and efficiency but also innovation capabilities.

Technology consulting and services firms will serve as strategic partners to help midsize companies unlock the transformative value of emerging technologies such as AI and robotic process automation.

Businesses that want to transform and use innovative technologies such as AI and RPA need to make sure that the underlying data is accurate and timely.

Service providers and other partner ecosystems are helping midsize companies address business challenges exacerbated by the shortage of digital talent, particularly in data science, security, and customer experience design.

Businesses will need to closely monitor events and build what-if analysis into their forecasting models for supply management, customer acquisition, and currency fluctuations.

For more information and sources, you can download the complete SAP_Infographic.

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