Mike Bradford Part 2: A Quick Overview on the DELMIA Software Suite

In this week’s mini-sode, Mike Bradford gives us a quick breakdown of what makes the DELMIA suite of software due to its centralized place for manufacturing software.


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Gene: I know you mentioned the virtual twin concept, and that’s something that you guys do that not necessarily your other manufacturing software companies do, but, what exactly does the Delmia brand bring to the table that is not found elsewhere in the market?

Gene: Is it simply this virtual twin concept or are there other features that really stand out?

Mike: Boy that’s a big question! DELMIA offers so many features, I need to see if I can think of them all.

Mike: The first standout feature of DELMIA is that it centralization of the entire manufacturing process from design to modeling and planning to execution on a single platform; in this case, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Mike: Another thing DELMIA brings – particularly on the execution side – is a true Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution, which is much more than MES. MOM is – in itself – a platform within the platform that includes traditional MES, material handling, quality, everything under one umbrella.

Mike: This makes the process much easier for users to learn and much easier for you to configure processes that cover multiple areas of the business

Mike: Let’s face it, in manufacturing, workers on the shop floor aren’t typically doing just one thing. On the shop floor, I may be a production operator, but I could also be responsible for doing some quality tests in production.

Mike: On the shop floor, I may be a quality manager, but I not only have to know quality, I have to know what’s going on in production, I have to know what’s going on the maintenance side – because machine issues can affect quality – etc.

Mike: So, that integration of multiple capabilities and information sources is really powerful in terms of making life easier for your users, knocking down silos that tend to exist on the shop floor, and enforcing/enabling collaboration.

Mike: The third thing that DELMIA provides are some of the simulation that I’ve already discussed previously; the ability to simulate processes before they occur, to simulate robot robots and their processes – and not only simulate them, but simulate and program them in simulation accurately so that (once you have your process plan your robotics program working in the virtual world) you can send that robotic program directly to the physical robot and know that it will work as it worked in the virtual world. Virtual planning is all about saving you a few steps in manufacturing. You’re not having to reprogram in the physical world once you’ve done things in the virtual world.

Mike: In DELMIA, this concept of simulation is also extended to include things like augmented reality – so that the work instructions that you’ve got in, that you’ve developed along with your process plan/MBOM, you can actually display those on a part, either through a headset, like a HoloLens, or through projection, or with a tablet (where you can see on the tablet, not only the physical part, but what you need to do on that part, whether it be quality checks or assembly steps or that sort of thing).

Mike: DELMIA can embed automated quality analysis in that integration of broad functionality from a manufacturing perspective from the virtual twin perspective, and then on into the planning perspective.

Mike: DELMIA, because of its breadth and yet its basis on that 3D experience platform and everything working collaboratively brings real value from that through that entire process.


Mike: We call the DELMIA brand the “VNR brand”, the Virtual and Reality brand, because that’s really where we bring those two worlds together.

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